Annual Accounts and Trustees’ Report 2012

Foundation Update

Annual Accounts and Trustees’ Report 2012

31 Jan 2013

The latest annual accounts and Trustees' report (year ended 30 April 2012) for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation have been submitted to Companies House and are published on this website today. The accounts relate to the income and operating costs of the charity. They have been produced in line with the relevant charity laws and have been fully audited independently. They are for the UK arm of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation; the Tony Blair Faith Foundation US will publish separately.

The reporting period has seen a significant expansion of project spending; up by just under £1m. This is because we have expanded the schools programme by increasing the number of new courses and countries in which it operates. There has also been a sharp uplift in universities joining our university programme.

We are now also running a new programme in Sierra Leone – Faiths Acts – as part of the wider anti-malaria campaign. 2013 will see another rise in programme coverage.

This expansion has been funded by running down the reserves of almost £5m in 2011. This is in line with best practice for charities - which is not to retain large reserves - and the Trustees' own reserves policy. So we reduced 2012 income and increased spending. This year we will again increase fundraising and in the meantime have raised significant amounts for the US charity.

We continue to meet the charitable commitments, aims and objectives set out in our business plan, as well as expand our work worldwide.

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation is a separate organisation to Tony Blair's other charitable and commercial activities. These accounts do not represent any of Tony Blair's commercial, or other charitable, activities or income.

You can download the annual financial accounts and Trustees' report here.

Impact Report

You can also download our Impact Report for 2012, which details the main achievements and activities undertaken by the Faith Foundation in the last 12 months.