Annual Accounts and Trustees’ Report 2013

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Annual Accounts and Trustees’ Report 2013

26 Sep 2014

The latest annual accounts and Trustees' report (8 month period to December 2013) for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation have been submitted to Companies House and are published on this website today. The accounts relate to the income and operating costs of the charity. They have been produced in line with the relevant charity laws and have been fully audited independently. The accounts are for the UK arm of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation; the Tony Blair Faith Foundation US published separately. The Foundation is a separate organisation to Tony Blair's other charitable and commercial activities. These accounts do not represent any of Tony Blair's commercial, or other charitable, activities or income.

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation provides the practical support required to help prevent religious prejudice, conflict and extremism in order to promote an open-minded and stable society. During our sixth year our incoming resources have increased, greater operational efficiency has led to a drop in costs and our work continues to break new ground.

We have continued to build a strong financial position that allows us to expand our work into new areas, grow our programmes and advocate for change at a global level. Total incoming resources have increased to £2,621,000 (2013 £1,618,000), voluntary income has increased £2,459,000 (2013: £1,596 000), costs are down across the board and we continue to operate a sound reserves policy.

The Foundation continues to meet our charitable commitments, aims and objectives. Education remains by far the most powerful tool to puncture extremist narrative and influences. We are proud that our schools programme Face to Faith, designed for 12-17 year olds, is now active over 25 countries across the world and we are working with governments and international organisations with a view to expanding the programme ever further.

The Foundation continues to support collaboration between those of different faiths and our malaria prevention programme has reached new heights. This year Faiths Act Sierra Leone has reached 2 million people (out of a population of just under 6 million) with potentially life-saving messages by groups of Muslim and Christian volunteers, working together.

Though our work on Faith & Globalisation we provide future and current leaders with the knowledge, analysis and skills to navigate the complexity of religion's impact in the world. We aim to ensure where there is a conflict with a religious dimension, there will be people of influence equipped to fully understand and engage with it.

In Nigeria we are working directly with Christian and Muslim religious leaders, supporting their interfaith work against extremist and divisive forces. The Foundation also coordinates and supports a global teaching network of leading universities, which provide multi-disciplinary courses on faith and globalisation. Run in partnership with leading academic institutions, the courses train diplomats and policy makers on complex public policy issues related to religion.


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