Face to Faith Engaging Young People in Pakistan


Face to Faith Engaging Young People in Pakistan

14 Jan 2010

Face to Faith initiated by TonyBlair Faith Foundation for me was an attraction because the agenda of this programme was sustainable world peace through dialogue between the youth of the world. I believe that youth of the world are the agent of change. They have to serve the world no matters where ever they are. I personally believe that the reason for wars in the world is miscommunication and misunderstanding. We need to communicate, peace, love, and harmony. World is looking for love and hatred has occupied the minds of people.

After attending first lead school conference at London in May 2009, I realized the importance of F2F for the young people of Pakistan. World is facing extremism, which is ultimately a disastrous situation and fear for whole of the world. At this moment its really worth appreciating work to connect youth globally. The youth of Pakistan is highly motivated for positive moves but there is a great need of sustainable programs in which they could be involved.

The major objective of the F2F is to start a dialogue between students through Video Conference, which is a wonderful idea. Tony Blair Faith Foundation is keen in the success of the programme, and is supporting country coordinator in resolving their issues at priority. TBFF has conducted teacher's trainings in selected countries and in Pakistan.

After first teacher training workshop held in Hyderabad Pakistan in the month of September 2009, I tried my level best to take all the schools on board. Most of the schools are very much interested in becoming the part of international education projects but the schools face different issues and problems.

I have visited many schools in four districts of Sindh Province in Pakistan, and conducted training workshops in more than ten of the registered face to faith schools. Every schools possessed different environment and culture inside. The management, teachers and students had different views about the program. The students and teachers were focused to learning through this program.

Although the students lack English language communication skills but even than they were anxious for dialogue with partner students globally. Some of the schools were expecting the funds for their schools through this project. Some of the schools were expecting exchange visits of the schools globally. After viewing face to faith website they got clear idea about the program.

The schools in rural districts are very much willing to join the program but It is really difficult for Pakistani schools in rural areas to be the part of the program because they lack IT skilled people, hardware, connectivity, and maintenance. At the other hand schools in metropolitan cities like Karachi possess required infrastructure, human resource, and maintenance but they are reluctant to join the program due to current suicide bombing attacks in educational institutions.

Besides all these difficulties most of the schools have joined the program at Face to Faith community of schools. They are looking for partners, sending messages and join chat forums. Most of the schools have also registered their teachers as well students community. The schools have also developed their own pages at community. The development is a slow process and we have stepped ahead for a positive move towards sustainable peace in this world.

Danish Jatoi, Local coordinator Pakistan