Face to Faith Spring Team Blogging Project Connects Classes from 27 Schools


Face to Faith Spring Team Blogging Project Connects Classes from 27 Schools

19 Apr 2016

Face to Faith is our pioneering education programme, which works across the world to help prevent religious conflict and extremism. We help students embrace an open-minded approach to diversity and difference, which can lead to tolerant and stable societies.

This spring is a busy time for the programme. In April alone, we'll connect 60 classes around issues such as civil rights, medical ethics, and community cohesion.

One Face to Faith activity that many schools take part in is Team Blogging, and this month classes from 27 schools will take part. They come from countries including Palestine, Ukraine, the USA, Jordan, Indonesia, India, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Canada.

Team blogging begins with teachers training students in key dialogue skills, using Face to Faith  modules. We then place students into teams in our online learning community. In these teams, they talk with peers from other countries by creating short blog posts in response to pre-determined prompts (or questions), and by commenting on each other's posts. We encourage posts and comments that develop the four key skills of good dialogue: giving insight, explaining ideas or thoughts clearly, asking good questions, and reflecting or thinking.

Below is what some of our students in the USA said about their experiences of Face to Faith team blogging so far:

"This team blogging project has been so fun, and I have learned many new things! In preparation for the blogging, I learned how to respond to questions that may occur, and how I should blog. I had a great experience with the blogging, also. I thought that to have kids from other countries talk to me and share things about themselves was really cool!"

"I learned that I am not so different from the people across the world, and that everyone deserves equal respect."

"I have learned about myself that I need to be careful about what I assume or expect. If I summed it up in one headline, it would be 'other countries aren't as different as we think'"

To find out more: see what happened when we  visited Face to Faith participating schools in Palestine and Jordan; learn about Face to Faith student  videoconferences; or read about how  good quality education is crucial to preventing extremism. If you would like to know how your school could get involved, sign up to one of our webinars, or visit our webpages.