Face to Faith Students Make a Difference for their Global Neighbours


Face to Faith Students Make a Difference for their Global Neighbours

22 Jan 2013

Students at Hollins School in the United Kingdom worked for a month to put together an Ethical Enterprise Day where students learned about global issues and worked in groups to come up with a stall that raised awareness of ethical issues affecting people around the globe.

Students then invited the rest of the school to a day where they visited their stalls to buy their goods or play their games. As a result of this, the pupils raised over £400.00. They got to vote on the charity they wanted to donate the money to, and decided that the money should go to the Tony Blair Faith Foundation's Faiths Act programme, after learning about equality and fairness that Faiths Act would help them promote.

During the same summer term, Hollins school had a non-uniform day to raise money for different charities. Again, the charity that receives the proceeds of the day was decided by our students (the main decision was made by our student council). Student, Amna Aslam, and a few of her friends, had also heard about the Faiths Act work of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and wanted to proceeds to go to help to pay for the training on how to use bed nets that can save thousands of lives. On this day the school managed to raise over £380.00.

It is crucial for our pupils to be a part of the global community through raising awareness of global issues and also having the chance to take action to make a difference to the issues. Through these two events, our pupils were proud to raise so much money to help make a difference to their global neighbours.

Hayley Nunley, Face to Faith teacher, the Hollins School, Accringt