Face to Faith Students Make Peace


Face to Faith Students Make Peace

11 Mar 2013

Our global schools programme,Face to Faith, hosted video-conferences with special guest speakers in honour of United Nations International Day of Peace to encourage schools to start thinking about what they will do for Peace Day 2013. Students in India, Indonesia, Australia, the United Arab Emeritus, Pakistan, Italy, Ukraine and the USA all discussed the importance of peace and were asked to answer the question, "Who will I make peace with?"

Through these video-conferences, Face to Faith helps tackle the closed minded approach that would seek to justify prejudice, and even violence, in the name of faith. Students who participate gain experience building bridges of understanding between themselves and young people of different faiths and backgrounds.

Students discussed a wide range of topics including how to encourage peace in diverse countries like India, the importance of making peace with oneself and how to build peace between people of different faiths within the same family.

Student Alexy said, "I'd like to make peace between different areas in Israel, so there wouldn't be a lot of differences in development". Student Haley said she was going to make peace with people who are "unlike me and belong to different social groups", and student Niamh said, "I just can't put into words how wonderful it feels to be making friends and connections all over the world".

Students also took to social media to tweet out their messages of peace and many students posted pictures of themselves pledging to make peace.

Four guest speakers spoke to the students including, Freyer Sebastiano D'Ambra PIME, the founder of the Silsilah Dialogue Movement in Zamboanga City, Philippines, which brings together groups of Muslims and Christians, Haidar Reda, a Shia Muslim from Baghdad, Iraq who is currently undertaking postgraduate studies at Hartford Seminary in the USA, where he is enrolled on the International Peacemaking Programme, Mr. Irwanto Irwanto, who works in schools in Indonesia on peace education in conflict areas, and Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day, a non-profit organisation established in 1991.

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