Face to Faith Teacher Training Event in Kiev, Ukraine


Face to Faith Teacher Training Event in Kiev, Ukraine

13 Nov 2012

Introducing Face to Faith Global School Program in Ukraine Tony Blair said that it is impossible to understand contemporary society without understanding first its religious diversity: "Across the world today people of different faiths are having to live and work together. Whether they live together peacefully or not, is, probably the single biggest long term challenge that our society has faced."

Recently around thirty people gathered together on the campus of National University of "Kiev Mohyla Academy" for the first FTF teacher training workshop to discuss the future of (inter) cultural and (inter)religious education in public schools in Ukraine. The diversity of backgrounds and experiences of participants brought a special flavour in our training.

There were representatives of both state and private schools, of religiously neutral schools and schools with religious identity. There were schools with religious lessons incorporated in internal school curriculum and there were schools with religious identity clearly expressed through teacher's affiliation. We all are driven together by the same question: "How?" How to approach cultural and religious diversity and plurality within the classroom and beyond?

This two-day teaching training event was led by Jo Malone, executive coordinator of Face to Faith Global School Program and Vitaliy Proshak, the Face to Faith coordinator in Ukraine, with support of Viktor Pinchuk Foundation.

During the seminar participants agreed that Face to Faith is "a fantastic idea for unifying the world" and offers" a wonderful opportunity to learn about foreign countries and their religions through native population". One teacher said Face to Faith is designed in such a way that it provides pupils "a chance to express their ideas to their global peers, helping students understand the world and its people better".

At the end of the teacher training seminar, after we have reflected on the results of the workshop, one teacher came to me and said: "Say thank you to Viktor Pinchuk for the seminar!" Indeed, on behalf of the participants of the Teacher Training Event, I would like to express our gratitude to Tony Blair Faith Foundation for leading the workshop and to Viktor Pinchuk Foundation for making this possible. And together we look into the future expecting long-term results.