Face to Faith Teacher Training Workshop in Singapore


Face to Faith Teacher Training Workshop in Singapore

16 Sep 2009

The teachers that I've been working with over the last couple of days have been really inspiring - although there is some trepidation about the whole business of engaging with religion with their students, they have maintained exceptional energy and enthusiasm, and even at the end of the second day were coming out with some great ideas about how they might engage with the programme in their school.

The team from National Junior College have been fantastic with their organization - everything has gone very well, and the facilities here are very impressive (full-on video conferencing suites, as well as delicious Chinese lunches).

I'm feeling very good about the materials that I'm using for the presentation - it's quite refined now, although there are still some more tweaks that I will add before next time (many of which were suggested by today's participants).

All the activities that have been built in are popular, and effectively motivate and engage people, even when they are tired but it will be important to include some more activities, as well as practical techniques needed to facilitate discussion. Mr Blair's video at the start was a very effective way of beginning, particularly as it really makes people appreciate the international breadth of the project with which they are engaging.

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Ian Jamison, Face to Faith Facilitator