Fifteen Schools in Fairfax County, Virginia, Connected With Face To Faith


Fifteen Schools in Fairfax County, Virginia, Connected With Face To Faith

04 Apr 2016

Last week, we visited Fairfax County, Virginia, where we have 15 schools connected with our Face to Faith programme.

The Fairfax County Schools Social Studies Specialist, Craig Perrier, has strongly endorsed the programme as "the best global education instructional practice/program your school should have", and has been doing some great outreach work to help more schools to give students the skills to navigate cultural and religious differences.

"The best authentic global education experience available"

As part of our visit, we trained new teachers on how to foster dialogue and understanding in their classrooms. We taught them ways to combine technology, critical thinking, and conversations in student-centred exercises, which develops a transferable skill set. We aim to promote empathy and understanding of different values and beliefs, and to build trust.

Chantilly High School is a fantastic example of how students and teachers have really benefitted from taking part – they have participated in 29 dynamic videoconferences with schools from all over the world, including for example the Islamic Educational College in Jordan. At no cost to the school, we have been able to facilitate each of the videoconferences, host a secure and monitored online community, and provide teaching materials on global issues. We hope for many more videoconferences in the future, perhaps reaching beyond 100, as one of our schools in Palestine did recently.

"A high school memory they will NEVER forget"

If you'd like to know more, you can read about Samantha Reynolds' experience of teaching Face to Faith in Chantilly High School; learn about how we work in the USA; or hear what our Face to Faith students say about taking part.

We'd love to hear from you if you are interested in signing your school up. Just email us at