Our Impact in 2013

Foundation Update

Our Impact in 2013

05 Feb 2014

The mission of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation is to provide practical support to help prevent religious conflict and extremism.

We are aware of just how ambitious our mission is. The challenge is highly complex. As we look around the world, violence in the name of religion continues to reach new heights, with extremism in many cases providing the fuel to further ignite the bloodshed. We believe that a coordinated, international effort to puncture the ideology and activities of religious extremists is absolutely crucial for sustainable impact to be achieved. Only by working together can we reduce the hostilities and equip citizens with greater understanding of religion and alternative ways of interacting with each other.

Our approach has been developed to reflect this sentiment. Our focus is on being a catalyst for change. We devise and develop programmes that incubate different ideas for countering religious tensions and extremist narratives. We demonstrate the evidence of our impact to governments and global institutions wherever they operate, so they can see the merit of adopting our programmes and take them to scale. This year, we have honed our methods of formal evaluation throughout all our work, and are committed to refining and adjusting our operational models so they remain effective in increasingly challenging and urgent settings.

In November, we were pleased that our Patron, Tony Blair, was given the opportunity to convey our focus and approach to the international community when he was invited to brief UN Member States. The level of support for our work was extremely encouraging and we look forward to working further with international governments during 2014.

Our mission is a work in progress. Our Impact Report highlights how we are making a tangible difference, by emboldening those who embrace diversity and difference to defeat the close-minded. The imperative to succeed is overwhelming. Thank you for your interest and your support.

Charlotte Keenan, Chief Executive of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation

Download the Report

You can download the Impact Report here