Peking University Joins our Faith & Globalisation Initiative

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Peking University Joins our Faith & Globalisation Initiative

29 Jul 2010

On Thursday 29th July Peking University has become the first Chinese University and the seventh in the world to partner with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation's Faith and Globalisation Initiative.

The Initiative is a global network of leading research universities committed to exploring the complex interrelationship of faith and globalisation. It aims to provide current and future leaders with the tools and analysis to understand the important role religion plays in the modern world.

The course at Peking University will offer students the opportunity to take part in a global discussion critically examining the role of faith, secularism and interfaith engagement in today's world.

Tony Blair spoke about the unique contribution Peking University can bring to this initiative:"I very much welcome the fresh outlook Peking University will offer with their world class teaching and research facilities and unique cultural perspective. In a country that is experiencing massive internal migrations and increasingly religious adherence, I welcome Peking University's groundbreaking efforts to address these issues by directly focusing on interfaith relations"

"This marks an important moment for Peking University as they demonstrate their eagerness to open up their University and forge links with their international counterparts. It is another example of China adapting to their place in a globalised world and a significant step forward for those trying to promote religious and cultural understanding in future leaders and policy makers."

The course means that Peking University will establish teaching links with leading research Universities spanning several continents. A quarter of the course will be taught alongside partner Universities including the National University of Singapore, Durham in the UK, Yale in the USA, Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, McGill in Canada and the University of Western Australia.

In August Peking University students will strengthen some of these global links as a group of their students join with their counterparts in a faith and globalisation conference at the National University of Singapore to discuss their different perspectives on the question of the role of faith and globalisation. This will bring together students from the seven universities and is an opportunity for a genuine and in-depth exchange of ideas across different continents, faiths and nationalities.

Peking University will very quickly be taking the themes of the course beyond the University when alongside the Tony Blair Faith Foundation they will bring together policy makers, academics and business leaders for a co-sponsored discussion forum at the Beijing Forum 2010, under the general theme of "The Harmony of Civilisations and Prosperity for all – commitments and responsibilities for a better world".