Response to the Prime Minister's Speech

Foundation Update

Response to the Prime Minister's Speech

19 Jun 2015

Read the response from the Tony Blair Faith Foundation on Prime Minister David Cameron's comments on tackling Islamist extremism.

Ed Husain, Senior Adviser at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, said:

"The Prime Minister is right to highlight how vulnerable the UK is to Islamist extremist ideology. It is vital we understand and counter the salafi-jihadi ideology behind ISIS. We must recognise extremists are winning the battle of ideas and growing in influence around the world with their apocalyptic narrative of a final war between Islam and non believers"

"Inevitably some will say the Prime Minister is highlighting one community unfairly. But there is a raging battle within Islam itself, and the vast majority of the victims of terrorist attacks are Muslims. The fanatics of ISIS and others are blind to the compassion and care in the prophet's life. We must challenge their ideas and their ignorance must be tackled head on."