Teachers Begin Training for Face to Faith in Kosovo


Teachers Begin Training for Face to Faith in Kosovo

24 Oct 2012

This week the Foundation is training the first group of teachers from a group of selected schools from around Prishtina, Kosovo. They will be piloting the Foundation's global schools programme, Face to Faith, with their students over the coming year.

The Face to Faith Programme supports the development of key skills for global citizenship, including respectful dialogue, conflict mediation, reflection, global awareness and faith literacy. Students are given the opportunity to interact directly with their peers from around the world.

The Ministry of Education specially selected the schools involved with the training. They in turn will help to support other Kosovan schools as they engage with the programme, connecting students with their peers in a global community.

In June this year Tony Blair signed an agreement between the Government of Kosovo and his Foundation to implement Face to Faith throughout Kosovan schools and incorporate the programme into the national curriculum.

He said:

"In this era of globalisation, societies are changing, Europe is changing. Don't be frightened of change instead see it as an opportunity. This coming together of different religions and cultures can enrich a country and be a source of strength. But the forces it can also lead to conflict and fear which we have witnessed in the past. If people have problems in dialogue then we need to learn how to resolve this".

Tony Blair's long term engagement in the Balkans ensures the youngest European state is part of a global development and being at the core of regional cooperation. To support this vision, the Foundation is also working closely with several higher education institutions in Kosovo.

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