Tony Blair Calls for an Education for Open Minds

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Tony Blair Calls for an Education for Open Minds

17 Mar 2015

Tony Blair has called for education systems to increase understanding and respect among young people.

Speaking at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai Tony Blair said "It is important that the education of young people is one that teaches you to have an open minded view of the world....Schools, including informal places of education, needed to ensure young people could learn about beliefs other than their own". 

The Global Education and Skills Forum is an initiative to bring together leaders from the Public, Private and Social sectors to address education's greatest challenges. The BBC covered the event here and Tony Blair's full remarks can be watched on the video below:

GESF 2015 Plenary: The Way Forward


The Tony Blair Faith Foundation believes that education remains by far the most powerful tool to puncture extremist narrative and influences. The impact on a school child of educating them and exposing them to the concept of diversity, difference and mutual respect cannot be underestimated. It is the key to achieving the tolerant and open-minded societies of the future. Find out more information about how our pioneering global schools programme helps prevent religious conflict and extremism in over 20 countries around the world.