Tony Blair Speaks on Globalisation and Religion at National University of Singapore

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Tony Blair Speaks on Globalisation and Religion at National University of Singapore

25 Mar 2011

Today Tony Blair spoke at the National University of Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy today. In his speech, "Challenges and Opportunities in a Globalised World," Tony Blair said:"We live today in a post-ideological era of government. The fundamental political divide between left and right is a phenomenon of the 20th century. Today, the divide lies between open versus closed - in terms of your attitude to others, the economy, and ideas of others. The 21st century will more likely be about competing religious ideologies - both within religions and between them - rather than political ideologies."

The audience, which included students from Lee Kuan Yew as well as current students in NUS' Faith & Globalisation course, "Religions in the Contemporary World," followed up the speech with questions covering a wide array of topics. In response to a question on whether multiculturalism policies had failed in Europe, Mr. Blair said, "I don't believe that the world today can be a world where people separate themselves off from different cultures and faiths."On the role of social media in the globalised world, Tony Blair said: "Through social media people are more aware of how they could live. People expect governments to respond."

On April 14th, 2011, Durham University and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation are hosting a one day conference with the RSA called "Faith 2.0: Religion and the Internet" which will explore the interaction between social media, the internet and religion. This event will take place at the RSA (8 John Adam Street, London WC2N) in London. Admission is free and space is limited. Signup ends on April 10th.Sign up for morning tickets on "Religious Identity" and "Building New Communities" here.

Sign up for the afternoon session on "Religious Authority and the Growth of Online Extremism" here.

The National University of Singapore is one of eight current Lead Universities in the Tony Blair Faith Foundation's university programme, the "Faith and Globalisation Initiative," alongside McGill, Durham University, Yale, Peking University, Tec de Monterrey, University of Western Australia, and the University of Sierra Leone - Fourah Bay College.

Drew Collins, University Programme Manager