Voice of America Reports on Face to Faith

Foundation Update

Voice of America Reports on Face to Faith

10 Jul 2015

Voice of America (VoA) has reported on the work done by the Foundation's Face to Faith project in schools around the world.

The report follows a video conference between a school in Virginia, USA, and a school in Jakarta, Indonesia, as they discuss the ways in which they deal with religious and cultural differences. The report can be found here.

The Foundation's Head of Programmes and Partnerships, Kristen Looney, said that the project tries to create a safe space "where students can come as they authentically are and to talk about what motivates them."

Face to Faith works across the world delivering a pioneering education programme to help prevent religious conflict and extremism. It aims to create a generation that embraces an open-minded approach to others, to diversity and to difference that can lead to tolerant, stable societies. Read more about the work of Face to Faith here.