Prevent Duty: Practical Training Course For Teachers

The next generation will shape the future, and they will do it in a world of relentless change and diversity. We must prepare this generation, giving them the skills and experience they need to navigate difference in a peaceful way. We are pleased to invite UK-based educators to apply for a place on a training course on Monday 10 October.

15 Aug 2016


Generation Global helps open minds in Jordan

The war in nearby Syria has seen Jordan host over 600,000 refugees, while Islamic militancy in neighbouring countries presents security challenges. Globally, there is a trend of young people being radicalised by the ideology, narratives, and propaganda spread by extremists. Education can help students to resist the pull of extremist ideology and narratives, when it encourages critical thinking skills, citizenship values, and respect for diversity.

22 Jun 2016


A Global Generation: How Dialogue Helps Prevent Extremism

As part of Generation Global, our renewed worldwide education programme, Palestinian and US students participated in a two-week special digital dialogue project, which allowed students to engage in online dialogue with peers across the globe. The project brought students from two very different backgrounds together to discuss issues related to their communities, beliefs, and values.

13 Jun 2016


New Global Education Programme Equips Young People To Resist Extremism

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation launches Generation Global, a new global schools programme which helps students to navigate difference through dialogue.

10 Jun 2016


Generation Global Online Learning Platform

Your students will shape the future. And they will do it in a world of relentless change and diversity. Generation Global prepares your students, giving them the skills and experience they need to navigate difference in a peaceful way.

08 Jun 2016


Tony Blair Calls For A Global Commitment To Prevent Extremism Through Education

Our founder Tony Blair calls for a global commitment to prevent extremism through education. There is clear evidence that education can reverse the spread of intolerance, and there needs to be a tougher approach to tackling extremism.

06 Jun 2016


Supporting Dialogue In Challenging Contexts

We have a long history of working in both India and Pakistan to facilitate dialogue between students with different cultural and religious perspectives. We aim to produce lasting attitudinal change by producing a deep understanding through dialogue, an approach that is vital for peace building.

10 May 2016


Face to Faith Marks World Malaria Day With Special Series

This World Malaria Day, through our Face to Faith programme, we are delighted to offer the opportunity for students from all over the world to participate in a special series of discussions on the topic of malaria. They will consider the case study of another of our projects, Faiths Act, where different communities in Sierra Leone collaborate towards a common goal.

25 Apr 2016


Face to Faith Spring Team Blogging Project Connects Classes from 27 Schools

Face to Faith is our pioneering education programme, which works across the world to help prevent religious conflict and extremism. We help students embrace an open-minded approach to diversity and difference, which can lead to tolerant and stable societies. This spring is a busy time for the programme. In April alone, we'll connect 60 classes around issues such as civil rights, medical ethics, and community cohesion.

19 Apr 2016


Emphasise The Positive: How To Deliver A Culture Of Online Respect

Interacting online can be difficult and confusing, especially for young people. We expect high standards of behaviour and respect for one another in the classroom and society, but online discussion is often ruined by disrespect, prejudice, and abuse.

14 Apr 2016


Fifteen Schools in Fairfax County, Virginia, Connected With Face To Faith

Last week, we visited Fairfax County, Virginia, where we have 15 schools connected with our Face to Faith programme. We trained new teachers on how to foster dialogue and understanding in their classrooms, by combining technology, critical thinking, and conversations in student-centred exercises.

04 Apr 2016


Face to Faith Schools Visit: Palestine and Jordan

In March our Chief Executive, Angela Salt, and our Head of Education, Ian Jamison, visited some of the schools taking part in our pioneering global education programme, Face to Faith, in Palestine and Jordan.

31 Mar 2016


Supporting the Next Generation

We work across the world delivering a pioneering education programme to help prevent religious conflict and extremism

05 Oct 2015


Connecting Students from Around the World

Videoconferences are an integral part of Face to Faith, allowing schools to connect directly with schools in different locations across the globe.

22 Sep 2015


Italian Government to Further Develop Face to Faith

Helping young people in Italy understand and respect cultural and religious differences.

27 Nov 2014


Video: Education is the Way to Plant the Seeds of Peace

Our Face to Faith schools programme, designed for 12-17 year olds, is already active in more than 30 countries around the world. Our latest video looks at how this programme is educating young people with the knowledge and skills to resist extremist voices, and is providing opportunities for students to have positive exposure to other religious and cultural perspectives.

13 Sep 2014


Face to Faith to be Developed Across Indonesia

Tony Blair was in Jakarta to sign an agreement with the Indonesian National Committee for UNESCO on behalf of the Faith Foundation. The Faith Foundation is to work with Indonesian schools on a pioneering education programme that aims to help prevent religious prejudice, conflict and extremism.

11 Sep 2014


The Skills to Resist Extremist Thinking

There is a need to start thinking of education as a security issue. We must do what we can to give young minds the best chance to develop the skills necessary to resist extremist thinking.

17 Jun 2014


What Difference Can Dialogue Make?

Kristen Looney, the Head of Face to Faith North America, recently spoke at the International Interfaith Conference in Prizren, Kosovo. She spoke on a panel examining the question, What Real Difference Can Interfaith Dialogue Make?

27 May 2014


Educating for Peace and Understanding

Educating for Peace and Understanding: Face to Faith in America's schools - Samantha Reynolds is living her dream. In the summer of 2012, she accepted a job teaching social studies at Chantilly High School in Fairfax County, Virginia—fulfilling her lifelong goal of becoming an educator.

01 Dec 2013


Putting a Face to Another's Faith

No quick fix – diplomatic or military – will dissolve the centuries of distrust and rivalry that fuel the sectarian conflict in Syria, where Alawites and Shiites are pitted against Sunnis with Christians caught in the crossfire.

10 Sep 2013


For Global Citizens: an Education Fit

We believe this is a model for how we enable students to become genuine global citizens, at ease with the cultures, faiths and beliefs that inspire so many people around the world. Helping them ultimately to respect, not fear, difference.

01 Jul 2013


Face to Faith Students Make Peace

Our global schools programme,Face to Faith, hosted video-conferences with special guest speakers in honour of United Nations International Day of Peace to encourage schools to start thinking about what they will do for Peace Day 2013. Students in India, Indonesia, Australia, the United Arab Emeritus, Pakistan, Italy, Ukraine and the USA all discussed the importance of peace and were asked to answer the question, “Who will I make peace with?”

11 Mar 2013


Face to Faith Honours 23 Schools

The Bahá'í House in India recently hosted the first-ever Face to Faith Award Ceremony in India for World Religion Day, which is celebrated across the world to promote understanding between the followers of all religions and faiths.

08 Feb 2013


Muslim and Christian Students in the Philippines Help Build Peace

Against the backdrop of the recent release of the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro, Muslim and Christian students from Mindanao and Manila took part in an historic moment as they came together for the first time to discuss ways to move the peace agenda forward and bridge the divide between the two faiths.

08 Feb 2013


Filipino Youth Build Peace Through Dialogue

MANILA, Philippines - Nine schools from all over the nation convened to discuss the recent Bangsamoro Peace Deal through a video conference last Dec. 13, a historic moment for youth dialogue on peace.

24 Jan 2013


Face to Faith Students Make a Difference for their Global Neighbours

Students at Hollins School in the United Kingdom worked for a month to put together an Ethical Enterprise Day where students learned about global issues and worked in groups to come up with a stall that raised awareness of ethical issues affecting people around the globe.

22 Jan 2013


Faith Shorts: The Power of Al Qaeda’s Images

If you have ever looked at a film on an al Qaeda website — and I don’t recommend it — you’ll be struck by how Hollywood it looks. Lawrence of Arabia crossed with Che Guevara. Much waving of scimitars and stirring music followed by obligatory shots of terrorists with their AK47s in a desert. However they rate as pieces of cinema, you know how many lives can be tracked back to these websites.

26 Nov 2012


Face to Faith Teacher Training Event in Kiev, Ukraine

Introducing Face to Faith Global School Program in Ukraine Tony Blair said that it is impossible to understand contemporary society without understanding first its religious diversity: “Across the world today people of different faiths are having to live and work together. Whether they live together peacefully or not, is, probably the single biggest long term challenge that our society has faced.”

13 Nov 2012


Face to Faith Pakistani Coordinator Responds to the Violence Against Malala Yousufzai.

On the sad occasion of the attack on brave daughter of Pakistan Malala Yousufzai, I would like to salute the students of Face to Faith Peshawar, Pakistan who participated on International Peace Day. This school is also in North of Pakistan. I pray for the safety of these Malalas. Hats off to brave teachers of this school.

31 Oct 2012


Teachers Begin Training for Face to Faith in Kosovo

This week the Foundation is training the first group of teachers from a group of selected schools from around Prishtina, Kosovo. They will be piloting the Foundation’s global schools programme, Face to Faith, with their students over the coming year.

24 Oct 2012


Peace Day Reaches 60,000 people

Up to 60,000 people from the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s global schools programme, Face to Faith took part in the Global Truce 2012 campaign. The goal was to achieve the largest ever gathering of individuals and reduction of violence in the name of peace one day.

27 Sep 2012


Face to Faith in More Italian Schools

The Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) and Tony Blair, Patron of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation signed a second Memorandum of Understanding that will see a pilot education programme on engagement between young people of different faiths taken forward throughout more Italian schools.

27 Jun 2012


Two schools in Ballycastle Shining Beacon of Peaceful Co-existence

On Monday the 18th June two schools in a previously divided area of Northern Ireland came together for a dialogue session on co-existence as part of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s education project, Face to Faith. The two schools are a shining beacon of co-existence having worked together on educational and social endeavours, against a backdrop of conflict in the Ballycastle area, since the 1960s.

19 Jun 2012


Tony Blair: Faith Schools Can Help Bridge Gaps in Divided Communities

'NO POPERY on the rates." That was the cry that went up in Britain over a century ago when Catholics sought the same government support for faith schools received by the established Anglican Church.

18 Jun 2012


In Their Own Words- Face to Faith Students Learn From Videoconference with Palestinian Girls School

Two Face to Faith students from Lewis and Clark High School in the United States reflect on lessons learned from a videoconference with Al Aeshia Girls School in Palestine. Here are their thoughts in their own words.

20 Feb 2012


Government of Philippines and Tony Blair Announce Education Plan for Peace-building Between Faiths

The Government of the Philippines and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation (TBFF) today announced a partnership that will see teachers and students take a lead on peace-building and engagement between young people of different faiths in areas with a history of religious conflict.

23 Aug 2011


Tony Blair Faith Foundation and Palestinian Ministry of Education Announce MOU

Founder of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair met this morning with Her Excellency Lamis al-Alami, Minister of Education for the Palestinian Authority, to celebrate the signing of a two-year MOU to train more than 200 teachers distributed in 100 schools, as part of "Face to Faith" the Foundation's global schools programme. The agreement aims to uphold the teachers' communications skills, problem solving and critical thinking through a practical use of technology to adapt the program within the general philosophy of the Palestinian national curricula.

21 Jun 2011


Tony Blair Announces New Education Projects in Ukraine

Tony Blair has announced the launch of his Faith Foundation in the Ukraine and a partnership with the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. The Victor Pinchuk Foundation gives Ukraine’s youth the tools and opportunities to become future leaders in the fields of health, education, culture, international affairs, and human rights. The Faith Foundation aims to enrich the religious literacy of Ukranian students and increase understanding of religion in a globalised world.

06 Jun 2011


Students from the Palestinian Territories, India and the UK talk to Tony Blair

Today on UN International Human Rights Day students from Aboud Secondary Boys School in the Palestinian Territories, Salwan Public Afternoon School in India and Nottingham Girls’ High School in UK engaged in a live video-conference with Tony Blair, Founder of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. They explored the theme of universal human rights from a faith perspective as part of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s global education programme, Face to Faith.

10 Dec 2010


Face to Faith Engaging Young People in Pakistan

Face to Faith initiated by TonyBlair Faith Foundation for me was an attraction because the agenda of this programme was sustainable world peace through dialogue between the youth of the world. I believe that youth of the world are the agent of change.

14 Jan 2010


Teacher Training in Hyderabad, Pakistan

Ian Jamison and I happily embarked upon our flight and found the experience from the start an indication of all things oriental to come.

23 Sep 2009


Face to Faith Teacher Training Workshop in Singapore

The teachers that I've been working with over the last couple of days have been really inspiring - although there is some trepidation about the whole business of engaging with religion with their students, they have maintained exceptional energy and enthusiasm, and even at the end of the second day were coming out with some great ideas about how they might engage with the programme in their school.

16 Sep 2009


Face to Faith Teacher Training Workshop in Thailand

Even before I started officially working for the Foundation, I found myself on my way to Thailand to run a training event for schools in South East Asia who were interested in getting involved in the Face to Faith Programme. There were some people there who had already committed to the Programme, and wanted to be the Lead Schools for their Country, as well as others who had come along to observe the training, and get a feel for the nature of the project.

13 Sep 2009


The Launch of Face to Faith, a New Global Education Programme

In a world that is opening up at an astonishing speed, schools are recognising the need to equip young people with the skills to contribute to an increasingly global, interdependent society. Collaboration and communication skills, information and media literacy are all to be regularly found on the syllabus, acknowledged as vital tools for the 21st century.

09 Jun 2009

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