Our Approach

About the Foundation

Our Approach

Around the world, we face threats from a powerful ideology that abusively uses religion to justify horrific acts of violence. For this ideology to be defeated it needs to be better understood, then discredited by those people with the power to do so. Defeating this extremism in the long term will require new policies and a sustained international effort.

This is where we help, generating new solutions and promoting them to government and other partners that can bring them to scale. We think and we do. Our research informs our projects on the ground, and vice versa.


Our research and project functions work as a virtuous cycle. Research inspires new projects and project outcomes inspire further research. The relationship between the two generating better and more robust solutions for tackling extremism.


We can no longer ignore the threat posed by violent religious ideologies, but if they are to be defeated they must be understood. Our research, led by the Centre on Religion & Geopolitics, is working to provide this understanding.


The Foundation was founded on providing practical support. We develop projects, prototypes and tools for people working to prevent religious extremism. These projects, prototypes and tools build the capacity of educators and support leaders to effectively challenge, and provide, counter narratives.

Education: Educators around the world have been tasked with countering religion extremism and in some cases with government prevent strategies. We develop products and projects to help educators do this well. Find out more about our education work.

Supporting Leaders: Tackling religious extremism requires the support and initiative of religious leaders. We develop projects to help religious leaders tackle extremism within their own sphere of influence. Find out more about our support for leaders.

Promoting Solutions

When we develop a new idea, implement it and have evaluated the impact we promote the solution to governments and other relevant institutions that have the resources to bring it to scale.

We are delighted to be working with a range of partners, including governments, international organisations, the private sector, academic institutions, charities and foundations. It is these partnerships that enable us to maximise the impact of our work.