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A Global Commitment On Educating Against Extremism

We live in a globalised world, so where one country's education system fosters intolerance, the threat of extremism affects us all.

Education is one of the most effective tools we have in countering destructive ideologies based on a perversion of religion. Quality education that opens minds, equips young people with critical thinking and dialogue skills, and provides interreligious and intercultural knowledge, helps them to understand and respect one another.

Governments must be accountable for their education systems, not just to their own citizens, but also to the international community. It is only through education reform that governments will be able to reduce the extremist threat. This means changing curricula, improving teaching resources and training, and preventing teaching of intolerance or prejudice.

Our call to action for governments to agree to a global commitment on educating against extremism is the catalyst for a new understanding of quality education. Its principles provide a roadmap for improving the capacity of education systems to fight against extremism, for the benefit of future generations.

The global commitment on educating against extremism will:

  • Agree the aim and content of quality education in relation to teaching mutual respect and understanding
  • Inspire the reform of curricula, teacher training, and learning resources to promote education that delivers knowledge and skills to develop critical thinking and open-minded attitudes, which are necessary to fighting extremism
  • Encourage governments to take active, measurable steps to ensure that hatred or intolerance has no place in education, and that any such content is removed
  • Protect the right of all children to education irrespective of their culture, faith, or gender
  • Make governments accountable to an international body for the implementation of the principles of this commitment

A Global Commitment On Educating Against Extremism

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