Education: Summer Courses


Summer Courses

Investigating the Role of Religion in Conflict and Post-Conflict Societies

In partnership with the Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University of Prishtina, we ran a course that provided practical and theoretical assessment of religion, identity, and state building.

The course included speakers from political, religious, and policy worlds that had first-hand experience of issues relating to religious minorities. Among them were Zamir Akram, permanent representative of Pakistan to the United Nations Office in Geneva; Daniel Taub, Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom; Petrit Selimi, Kosovo Deputy Foreign Minister; and religious leaders from Muslim and Christian Orthodox communities.

Religion and Foreign Policy: Summer Course

Education and Security: The Challenge of Religious Diversity

In cooperation with McGill University, and led by experts and academics in the field, we ran a course consisting of workshops for security, policy, diplomatic, and development professionals and researchers.

Religion and Conflict, Practical Policy Responses

For diplomats, public officials, and professionals in Kosovo, we offered a course to provide a nuanced understanding of why religion matters to foreign and domestic policy. It examined a multifaceted approach to religious freedom and human rights, and provided insight on how religious groups have developed as non-state actors. It also examined policy solutions.

Investigating Religious Minorities and Human Rights

Through a combined theoretical and empirical approach, we ran a training course to equip diplomats and professionals with the critical understanding needed to tackle conceptual and practical challenges at the intersection of religion and foreign policy.

In partnership with McGill University in Canada, it examined religious freedom and the rights of religious minorities. Participants analysed case studies, including Myanmar and Nigeria. Representatives from the diplomatic community spoke as guests, and included Robert Seiple, former US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom; Andrew Bennet, Canadian Ambassador for Religious Freedom; and Ojo Maduekwe, former Nigerian Foreign Minister.