Supporting Leaders: Mariama Fofonah

Supporting Leaders

Mariama Fofonah

Mariama Fofonah is one of our Malaria Faith Ambassadors, faith leaders who are trained to recruit and train congregants and community volunteers and facilitate malaria discussions and activities.

Mariama Fofonah | Malaria Faith Ambassador

Video Transcript

"People are trying to keep up this good work and then people are trying to establish a good society."

This training has benefitted me by helping to help the lives of our local people in our different communities, yes, and I would like to say that I'm not acting; it is helping the lives of especially the women in our society.

People are knowing the way of how to maintain their environment; people are trying to keep up this good work and then people are trying to establish a good society in reducing malaria in our society.

There is a particular community, that the last time one of my champions visited, they told me that people are cooperating, people have adapted to the way they have taught them to clean their environment . So I think that the whole thing is a wonderful experience and I think that all the houses that my malaria faith champion has visited is a good story for me to hear because people are going by the teachings of our champions.

The favourite part of being in this whole thing is the pregnant women, yes, as you can see me standing here, I am very very proud to say, since I landed, malaria is a very dangerous disease for pregnant women, I have been trying very very hard to go by. It has also helped some our pregnant women in our community because as you know that when you are pregnant you should visit the clinic so that they can give you your malaria drugs treatment and pregnant women are going by these. So I think that this is a wonderful thing for me and I'm happy for that because they are the most vulnerable people in society.

I'm asking god to bless you all and I hope that you will continue to do this kind of good venture, not even in Sierra Leone, but you will extend it to outside of Africa and you'll try to do more in time to come. I want to say thank you to all of you and thank you to those out there that are trying to save the lives of other people.