Education: Impact



Our aim is to ensure that the programme is a catalyst for genuine behavioural and attitudinal change. We use empirical and qualitative research to measure impact, and work with independent partners to monitor and assess the transformation of student attitudes and beliefs, due to their participation in our programme.

More than 180,000 students have been involved so far. In 2015, we worked with young people in over 20 countries, including in some of the world's most challenging regions. Our classroom materials were taught to over 50,000 students and 482 videoconferences took place.

We have provided advice and guidance on educating against extremism to multiple governments. This includes the Palestinian Authority, who as a result incorporates Generation Global into its national curricula. We work with the Italian Government through a Memorandum of Understanding, and with the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, to support the implementation of Generation Global in Italian public schools.


"Thank you for the opportunity for peace to take root in hearts and minds."

"We thank the Tony Blair Faith Foundation for the opportunity for peace to take root in hearts and developing their skills at peace-building and engagement across different faiths. Many social, ethnic and cultural conflicts are born out of mistrust which is fuelled by wrong or incomplete information or outright falsehood against a certain race, faith or ethnicity." – Brother Armin Luistro, Philippines Secretary of Education

"I observed friendships between citizens of countries between which there are active conflicts. That convinced me that most of the world desire peace, and that if you want to talk with people who want peace, just join the Face to Faith project."– Student in Israel