Brian J. Grim

Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, President

Brian J. Grim, PhD. is founder and president of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation and an advisor for the Centre on Religion & Geopolitics, a project of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. He is also an affiliated scholar at Georgetown and Boston Universities, and a member of the World Economic Forum's global agenda council on the role of faith.

Prior to becoming the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation's president in 2014, Grim directed the largest social science effort to collect and analyse global data on religion at the Pew Research Center. He also worked for two decades as an educator in the former Soviet Union, China, Central Asia, Middle East, and Europe. He is author of numerous articles and books, including The Price of Freedom Denied (2010), and writes the Weekly Number Blog. Grim holds a doctorate in sociology from the Pennsylvania State University and is also a TEDx speaker.

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Brazil: A Lesson in the Peaceful Navigation of Religious Change

The high level of religious freedom in Brazil is notable as the country arguably undergoes one of the most dynamic religious shifts in the world today, with no religious or sectarian conflict, writes Brian Grim.

Brian J. Grim

20 Apr 2015


Religion on the Rise: What this Means for Peace and Conflict

As a new study reveals a growth in religious affiliation worldwide, Brian Grim assesses what this means for peace and religious conflict, and the role that religion can play in peacebuilding.

Brian J. Grim

02 Apr 2015


Effective Ways to Tackle Radicalisation

The problem of some in society becoming radicalised should be tackled by building relationships with those at risk, including through business and faith communities, writes Brian Grim.

Brian J. Grim

02 Feb 2015


Five Questions on...Data and Religious Conflict

To mark the launch of the Centre on Religion & Geopolitics' data section we talk to Brian J. Grim, an expert on religious freedom and international religious demography, about how data can allow us to improve policy and our understanding of religion's role in conflict situations.

Brian J. Grim

07 Nov 2014

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