Christopher Rider

Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Programme Manager

Christopher Rider is a Programme Manager at TBFF responsible for supporting religious leaders transform conflict, with a particular focus on Nigeria. His work has included the design and delivery of interfaith workshops for emerging and front line Christian and Muslim leaders and the associated programme of follow-up coaching, mentoring and support. Prior to joining TBFF in 2013, Christopher spent 36 years in Government Service and has worked at senior advisory levels in many parts of the world including Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia and the Middle East. His specialisations include diplomacy, Security Sector Reform, training and education and team building. He is a graduate of Durham University and also holds a Masters in Defence Administration from Cranfield University.


Foundation Update

Building a Consensus for Reconciliation

A core component of current conflicts is the growing polarisation between identities, particularly religious identities. To overcome this polarisation, heal divisions and build a consensus for reconciliation, we must develop patterns of dialogue and collaboration that build shared understanding, experience and trust. This will not be easy, but there can be no doubt that faith communities must take a leading role, writes Christopher Rider for our Global Perspectives Series.

06 May 2015

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