Daniel Cere

McGill University, Professor

Daniel Cere is Professor of Religious Studies and a researcher on religion, law, and ethics at McGill University, Canada. He has taught Religion and Globalisation for the last four years, working closely with the Faith & Globalisation Teaching Network at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. Professor Cere also serves as the Director of the Institute for the Study of Marriage Law and Culture and Co-Director of the Newman Institute of Catholic Studies. Professor Cere has been a consultant for government and religious institutions on issues of religious freedom, reasonable accommodation and family law in both Canada and the United States of America.


Foundation Update

Avoiding Pitfalls in Responding to Religious Conflict

The export of religious freedom from the West has serious consequences for religious communities around the world. The impact of such policies can serve to only further divide societies already torn by conflict. Perhaps the greatest problem is the Western, and even Christian, bias these policies contain. A better understanding of local sensibilities and contexts combined with an appreciation for local practices of negotiating religion would provide a more viable building block for the achievement of equality, writes Lori G. Beaman for our Global Perspectives Series.

06 May 2015

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