Dr Erin Marie Saltman

Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Senior Counter Extremism Researcher

Dr Erin Marie Saltman is an expert on political socialisation and processes of radicalisation. Dr Saltman currently works as a Senior Counter Extremism Researcher at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. She is also a Research Affiliate of the Quilliam Foundation. While her expertise includes tracking and countering both far-right and Islamist extremism, her doctoral research at UCL focused on Hungarian post-communist political socialisation, analysing trends of contemporary youth activism and far-right support networks in Hungary. Dr Saltman continues to write policy papers, research reports and take part in international media about extremism and radicalisation.



Anti-Semitism in Hungary: New Voices for Old Narratives

Dr Erin Marie Saltman examines the ways in anti-Semitism has developed in Hungarian politics and society, and how it remains a part of the far-right narrative in the country.

Dr Erin Marie Saltman

20 Jan 2015

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