Dr.Ian Jamison

Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Head of Education

Dr.Ian Jamison is Head of Education at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. Before working for the Faith Foundation, Jamison was Head of Religious Education at Kingsbridge Community College in Devon. He has been teaching Religious Education for twenty years, and has experience of subject leadership in a number of schools in the UK. His departments have always been exciting places to work and have been recognised as centres of excellent practice by OFSTED and other national bodies. He won the Guardian Award for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School in 2007. Jamison has been involved with the Faith Foundation's Face to Faith programme since its inception, developing the teaching materials and pedagogy and training teachers around the world. Jamison has contributed articles to a number of publications and is the author of a well-respected senior level textbook on Hinduism.



Emphasise The Positive: How To Deliver A Culture Of Online Respect

Interacting online can be difficult and confusing, especially for young people. We expect high standards of behaviour and respect for one another in the classroom and society, but online discussion is often ruined by disrespect, prejudice, and abuse.

14 Apr 2016

Foundation Update

Education as a Security Issue

The use of education as both tool and target of religious extremists globally is perhaps one of the most important generational challenges we face today. To ensure that the next generation is open to a more pluralistic world we must ensure that their education equips them to safely encounter the 'Other'. This not only means improving knowledge, understanding and interaction, but also critically requires investment in developing essential soft skills that can ensure these are properly employed, writes Ian Jamison for our Global Perspectives Series.

07 May 2015

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