Francis Campbell

St Mary’s University, London, Vice Chancellor

Francis is a former British diplomat with extensive experience in Foreign Service, Government, inter-governmental organisations and non-governmental sector.

He has been British Ambassador to the Holy See, Deputy High Commissioner, Pakistan, member of the European Commission Delegation to New York, and Private Secretary to the Prime Minister. Francis has worked as Senior Policy Director for Amnesty International and has been engaged in European Enlargement Policy.

Francis has a BA in Political Science and Scholastic Philosophy from Queen's University, Belfast and MAs in European Integration from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) and in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania (USA). Mr. Campbell speaks French and Italian.



Francis Campbell on... Faith and the Public Square

Francis Campbell speaks on how integrally important religion is in conflict prevention and conflict resolution, and how sidelining it can be highly problematic.

Francis Campbell

16 Mar 2015

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