Frederic Grare

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Director and Senior Associate, South Asia Program

Frederic Grare is senior associate and director of Carnegie's South Asia Program. His research focus on South Asian political and security issues and the search for a security architecture. He also works on Afghanistan and Pakistan's regional policies, and the tension between stability and democratization, including civil-military relations, in Pakistan.



State Ambivalence Towards Jihadi Groups in Pakistan

December's attack on a Peshawar school by the Pakistani Taliban has sparked a public backlash. But the fight will be undermined by the state's ambivalence towards jihadi movements, writes Frederic Grare.

Frederic Grare

08 Jan 2015

Situation Report


Pakistan faces various conflicts with religious dimensions, many of which are monsters of its own creation. None pose a threat to the state's survival, writes Frederic Grare of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.


Pakistani Politics and the Afghan Peace Process

While Pakistan is signalling a change in its policy on Afghanistan, its strategic objective of undermining Indian influence remains. This entails strengthening its central control over the Taliban, but also reaching out beyond its traditional allies.

Frederic Grare

18 Jun 2014

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