Garentina Kraja

Office of the President, Republic of Kosovo, Foreign Policy and Security Adviser

Garentina Kraja worked as a journalist during the 1998-1999 war in Kosovo and after the war covered Kosovo's transition from an international protectorate to an independent country. She now is the foreign policy and security adviser to the President of the Republic of Kosovo. The views in this blog are hers and do not neccesarily represent the views of the Office of the President. She will teach the first Faith and Globalisation course next Spring at American University of Kosovo. 



Kosovo and the Untold Religious Dimension

At first sight, there was nothing unusual about the shelled mosque, with the aluminium roof of the minaret hanging on the side, in the village of Carraleve in 1999. To many reporters passing through the gutted villages of Kosovo during the yearlong war, this village in south-western Kosovo was merely a ghost town, just like scores of other villages whose residents were forced to flee to nearby woods to escape certain death, leaving behind their houses and places of worship engulfed in flames.

Garentina Kraja

11 Dec 2012

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