Gian Marco Liuni

Freelance Journalist Specialising in Radicalisation in Europe

Gian Marco Liuni is a Paris-based freelance journalist reporting on Islam in the West and Middle Eastern affairs. He has spent time in Jordan, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates analysing the Gulf monarchies' involvement in the Arab Levant for Middle Eastern, Swedish and Italian media outlets. His current focus is on investigating the relation between low-skilled job market performances and radical Islam among European second-generation immigrants.




The Changing Profile of French Jihadism

A flurry of 'lone wolf' attacks and an increased flow of French citizens to Iraq and Syria has shocked France, particularly as the typical profile of the French Islamist is fast changing. Europe should take note, writes Gian Marco Liuni.

Gian Marco Liuni

22 Dec 2014


The Lebanon Equation

Spillover from the Syrian conflict is upsetting the delicate religious balance in Lebanon. Escalating sectarianism has the potential to jeopardise the entire region's response to ISIS, writes Gian Marco Liuni.

Gian Marco Liuni

28 Oct 2014

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