Kirsten Schulze

London School of Economics, Associate Professor in International History

Dr. Kirsten E. Schulze is Associate Professor in International History at the London School of Economics. She works on ethno-religious conflicts in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Her publications on Indonesia include ‘The AMM and the Transition from Conflict to Peace in Aceh, 2005-2006’ in Mary Martin and Mary Kaldor (eds), A European Way of Security: The European Union and Human Security (2010), ‘Indonesia - The Radicalisation of Islam’ in Stig Jarle Hansen, Atle Mesøy and Tuncay Kardas (eds), The Borders of Islam: Exploring Samuel Huntington’s Faultlines from al-Andalus to the Virtual Ummah (2009), ‘From the battlefield to the negotiating table: GAM and the Indonesian government, 1999-2005’, Asian Security (2007) and The Free Aceh Movement (GAM): Anatomy of a Separatist Organisation (2004).


Situation Report


The political uncertainties and consolidation of democracy since 1998 has witnessed a rise in religious intolerance in Indonesia. International conflicts such as the Syrian Civil War or the persecution of Muslims in Myanmar add to this, writes Dr Kirsten Schulze.

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