Maxwell Gardiner

Mercy Corps, Security and Program Analyst

Maxwell Gardiner is a security and program analyst at Mercy Corps, where he focuses on the Levant region. Previously he worked as a research consultant at the Carnegie Middle East Center, supporting projects on security sector reform, Lebanese politics and jihadist groups in Syria, and at UN-ESCWA, where he contributed to "An Overview of the Arab Security Sector Amidst Political Transition: A Reflection on Legacies, Functions and Perceptions" published through the Emerging Conflict and Related Issues division. His masters research at the American University of Beirut has focused on the relationship between political patronage and confessional politics in Lebanon.


Situation Report


Lebanon was founded with a multi-sectarian identity, where minorities are not protected communities, but key partners in the political process. However, internal challenges and external threats have led to an increasingly fragile sectarian landscape.

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