Osama Filali-Naji


Osama Filali Naji worked at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. Previously he was a Research Coordinator for the Right Hon. Lord Soley's Arab-Jewish Forum. He also worked as a Research Assistant for the University of Birmingham and an International Affairs Research Intern for the Quilliam Foundation. Osama has a BA in Politics & International Relations (Uni. Reading) & an MA in International Relations (Uni. Birmingham), and has various publications on International Relations practice and policy.



Why the Caucasus Matter

The heavy presence of Caucasians as foreign fighters in Syria's civil war can be traced directly to the rise of jihadism in Chechnya's resistance to Russia, write Osama Filali-Naji and Milo Comerford.

Milo Comerford and Osama Filali-Naji

09 Jun 2015

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