Patricio Abinales

University of Hawaii-Manoa, School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Professor

Patricio N. Abinales is professor at the School of Pacific and Asian Studies, University of Hawaii-Manoa. He co-wrote State and Society in the Philippines (2005) with his late wife Donna J. Amoroso. His latest book is Orthodoxy and History in the Muslim Mindanao Narrative (Ateneo de Manila University Press: 2010). He resides in Honolulu with his 10 year old daughter.



How Elections in the Philippines Will Affect the Peace Process

The US and Manila’s other allies support a firm resolution to the separatist war over Mindanao, but will Islamist militant groups like Abu Sayyaf scupper talks under a new president?

Patricio Abinales

06 May 2016


Philippines: A Peace Process Scuttled?

With over 40 police officers killed in the Philippines recently, following an attempt to capture a number of extremists, Patricio Abinales looks at the repercussions of this event on the peace process.

Patricio Abinales

03 Feb 2015

Situation Report


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