Rachel Hoffman

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, PhD Candidate

Rachel Hoffman is a Ph.D candidate at the Department of Islam and Middle East Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She wrote her M.A. thesis on the Muslim conquest of Jerusalem in 638 AD as presented in medieval Islamic sources. She can be contacted at:



Simmering Passover Tensions at the Temple Mount

Analysis of media coverage in the lead-up to the Jewish holiday showed Islamist and Jewish activists reiterating claims to the holy site - and far more coverage of the issue in Palestinian news sources.

Rachel Hoffman

10 May 2016


ISIS and the Implementation of Islamic Rule

ISIS has ambitions to create an Islamic State in the image of the earliest Caliphates. To understand their scale, we must understand the group's historical allusions, write Adam and Rachel Hoffman.

Adam Hoffman and Rachel Hoffman

27 Aug 2014

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