Raza Rumi

Pakistani Policy Analyst, Journalist and Author

Raza Ahmad Rumi is a Pakistani policy analyst, journalist and author. He has been a leading voice in Pakistan's public arena against extremism and human rights violations. After working for the Government of Pakistan and then as a Governance Specialist for the Asian Development Bank, Rumi entered journalism in 2008. Since then, he has been an editor at The Friday Times, Pakistan's foremost liberal weekly paper. He also worked in broadcast media as a leading commentator and hosted talk shows at Capital TV and Express News. Rumi was Director at the Jinnah Institute, a public policy think tank, and Executive Director of Justice Network, a coalition of non-governmental organisations. As a freelance policy professional he has been advising international development organisations, governments and NGOs and heads NAPSIPAG, a regional network on governance. Rumi's writings are archived at His recent book Delhi by Heart was published by Harper Collins in 2013. Rumi has also authored several papers on security, justice, international development, arts and culture.

In March 2014, he survived an assassination attempt in which his driver lost his life. Within weeks, he left Pakistan and has since been affiliated with the New America Foundation and the United States Institute of Peace.


Foundation Update

Case Study - Pakistan: Education, Religion and Conflict

Pakistan is in the midst of crisis. It is threatened by virulent extremist groups and is suffering from a failing education system that is poorly funded, politically manipulated and which promulgates an undefined Islamo-nationalist ideology that lays the foundations for widespread acceptance of ideologically motivated violence. Reforms to the curriculum have been legislated but are badly implemented by the country's politicians and the international community has largely turned a blind eye to these shortcomings. Unless aid and advocacy is specifically focused on far-reaching educational reform that directly tackles extremism, the long-term consequences will be extremely severe, writes Raza Rumi for our Global Perspectives Series.

07 May 2015

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