Ruwan Rujouleh

Middle East Analyst, Centre on Religion & Geopolitics

Ruwan conducts research and analysis on Syria. Her work provides a nuanced understanding of groups engaged in the conflict, including religious motivations and alliances.

Originally from Syria, Ruwan has experience in corporate communications, political research, and counterterrorism, in Syria, Libya and Tunisia. She has authored more than 25 reports on violent extreme groups, and has a Masters in Global Development and Peace from Georgetown University.



Why The US Should Not Ignore Hizbullah in Syria

Regardless of whether the Lebanese Shia militia is ‘plotting’ directly against the US or not, the group will instigate greater regional instability if left unchecked.

Ruwan Rujouleh

20 Oct 2016


Is Fighting Extremism in Syria Compatible with Opposing Assad?

Amid another failed ceasefire attempt, Syria's rebels are as enmeshed as ever, with the line between jihadis and moderates blurred. Assad claims to be fighting 'terrorists,' but is it possible to fight the regime and stop extremists shaping Syria's future? Three Syrians have their say.

Oula A. Alrifai, Youssef Sadaki and Ruwan Rujouleh

06 Oct 2016


Why Syrians aren't Holding Their Breath for the Ceasefire

Until we have a truce that can secure a political settlement and provide an answer to what happens to Syria's extremist groups, the bloodshed is likely to continue.

Ruwan Rujouleh

14 Sep 2016


Burkini Bans: Why France Is Giving Iran A Run For Its Money

Extreme secularism in France looks no different to extreme Shia ideology in Iran. This move towards the extremities should concern everyone who wants to uphold liberal values.

Ruwan Rujouleh

26 Aug 2016


After Sirte, What's Next for ISIS in Libya?

The operation to retake Sirte from ISIS looks set to oust the jihadis from the coastal city. After that loss, what future does ISIS have in the North African state, which, until recently, was touted as its main hope for the future amid defeats in Syria and Iraq? Three analysts have their say.

Jason Pack, Ruwan Rujouleh and Nadav Pollak

17 Aug 2016

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