Youssef Sadaki

Research Assistant, Orient Research Center

A Syrian political and social researcher currently based in Washington DC, Youssef Sadaki has experience in international development, political research, and counter-terrorism in Syria, Turkey, and Iraq. He has authored reports on Syrian and regional geopolitics. Youssef works as a research assistant at the Orient Research Center and writes for the Atlantic Council. 



Is Fighting Extremism in Syria Compatible with Opposing Assad?

Amid another failed ceasefire attempt, Syria's rebels are as enmeshed as ever, with the line between jihadis and moderates blurred. Assad claims to be fighting 'terrorists,' but is it possible to fight the regime and stop extremists shaping Syria's future? Three Syrians have their say.

Oula A. Alrifai, Youssef Sadaki and Ruwan Rujouleh

06 Oct 2016

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