Fragile States Index (2015)


Fragile States Index (2015)

Data Provider: Fund for Peace

Data Source: The Fragile States Index 2015

Data Year: The data are for 2014 and was published in the Fragile States Index 2015 on 18 June 2015

Data Periodicity: The data are updated annually

Data Definition: The Fragile States Index data is produced by the Fund for Peace, an independent, nonpartisan, non-profit research and educational organisation that works to prevent violent conflict and promote sustainable security.

The Index assesses 178 countries, based on their levels of stability and the pressures they face and using 12 social, economic, and political indicators of pressure on the state, which include over 100 sub-indicators. The Fund for Peace's comprehensive assessment tool, which, among many others, includes factors such as pressures and measures related to ethnic, communal, sectarian and religious violence.

This year (2015) the Index also looks at trend analysis of fragile states since it was first published 10 years ago. Each country is then given a score and a rank to create the Index.

In terms of representing the score and rank on the map shown, the Centre on Religion & Geopolitics' data section shows the categories exactly as shown on the Fragile States Index website, ranging from Very High Alert States to Very Sustainable States.

Note: As the Fragile States Index 2015 comprises data collected between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014, well documented events that have occurred since 1 January 2015 are not covered by the 2015 Index.

Data Methodology: Read more on the specific methodology for this data and the full report here at the Fragile States Index 2015.