International Development Association Resource Allocation Index


International Development Association Resource Allocation Index

Data Provider: World Bank, World Development Indicators

Data Source: World Bank Group, CPIA database (

Data Name: International Development Association Resource Allocation Index (1=low to 6=high)

Data Year: The latest data displayed are for 2013 and was accessed from the World Bank on 6 August 2014

Data Periodicity: The data are updated annually

Data Definition: International Development Association (IDA) Resource Allocation Index is obtained by calculating the average score for each cluster and then by averaging those scores. For each of 16 criteria countries are rated on a scale of 1 (low) to 6 (high). The IDA is the part of the World Bank Group that helps the poorest countries reduce poverty by providing concessional loans and grants for programs aimed at boosting economic growth and improving living conditions. IDA funding helps these countries deal with the complex challenges they face in meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

The World Bank's IDA Resource Allocation Index (IRAI) is based on the results of the annual Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA) exercise, which covers the IDA-eligible countries. Country assessments have been carried out annually since the mid-1970s by World Bank staff. Over time the criteria have been revised from a largely macroeconomic focus to include governance aspects and a broader coverage of social and structural dimensions. Country performance is assessed against a set of 16 criteria grouped into four clusters: economic management, structural policies, policies for social inclusion and equity, and public sector management and institutions.

IDA resources are allocated to a country on per capita terms based on its IDA country performance rating and, to a limited extent, based on its per capita gross national income. This ensures that good performers receive a higher IDA allocation in per capita terms. The IRAI is a key element in the country performance rating.

Data Methodology: Read more on the specific methodology for this data here at the World Bank