Tariq al-Fadhli

Sheikh Tariq bin Nasser al-Fadhli


Tariq al-Fadhli

Sheikh Tariq bin Nasser al-Fadhli is a son of the last Sultan of the former British Protectorate of al-Fadhli which corresponds roughly with the modern Yemeni governorate of Abyan.

His family being exiled by the southern socialist regime, he joined the Arab mujahideen fighting in the Soviet-Afghan war in the 1980s and became personally acquainted with Osama bin Laden. Upon his return to a united Yemen in the 1990s he sided with President Salih in the civil war of 1994 against the prospects of a return of the socialist regime and joined the GPC party. Disillusioned by President Saleh's unwillingness to continue supporting him or return his confiscated ancestral lands, al-Fadhli declared his support to the Southern Movement (al-Hiraak) in 2008, becoming its prominent supporter in Abyan.

Thanos Petouris, SOAS, University of London