Global Extremism in April 2016


Global Extremism in April 2016

31 May 2016

In April, 23 countries were targeted by violent extremism, the Centre on Religion & Geopolitics' (CRG) Global Extremism Monitor has found.

Our Global Extremism Monitor data for April shows that the fight against violent religious extremism is global, with 28 extremist groups instigating 207 violent incidents in 23 countries. The five worst incidents alone killed at least 308 people. 

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The Centre on Religion & Geopolitics (CRG) tracks violent religious extremism, and state responses to it, worldwide. The first four months of 2016 have seen over 12,000 deaths as a result of this violence. The wider cost of the global terror threat is seen not only in injury and death, but also in displacement and economic loss. In April, at least 561 civilians and 603 security forces personnel were killed, along with 1,139 extremists and militants. Extremists also took at least 353 people hostage, in Syria, the Philippines, Cameroon, and elsewhere. In all, 53 countries either suffered violent extremist attacks or expended efforts to defeat the scourge.

Our April data also highlights the need to support Libyan forces fighting ISIS' expansion in the country. Of the 193 deaths we recorded in Libya, 61 per cent – 118 – were members of the security forces. Meanwhile, 22 per cent of the deaths – 45 – were militants.

In April, our data showed: 

Middle East and North Africa suffer most violence

Unlike in March, when sub-Saharan Africa saw the most violent extremist incidents, in April the Middle East and North Africa dominated our findings. The region accounted for nearly half of all global violent extremist incidents, and over half of all fatalities.

Extremist fatalities drop after high in March

April's global death toll from extremist and counter-extremist activity – over 2,400 deaths – was a full 28 per cent lower than March. The majority of that fall can be accounted for by a drop in extremist fatalities. Over 2,000 extremists were killed in March, according to our data, compared to 1,139 in April. The death toll among security forces and civilians stayed roughly the same, however.

The same countries bear the brunt of the violence every month

Our data shows that over the past three months, the same countries repeatedly suffered high levels of extremism. Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Yemen, Pakistan, and Libya bear the brunt of the violence, every month. But while ISIS has been the main target of the global response, in Libya the group has continued to gain strength.



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