Global Extremism in June 2016


Global Extremism in June 2016

31 Jul 2016

The five deadliest violent extremist attacks in June claimed at least 577 lives, according to the latest Global Extremism Monitor.

In June 2016, 27 religious extremist groups instigated 314 violent incidents in 28 countries around the world, according to the latest edition of the Centre on Religion & Geopolitics' (CRG)  Global Extremism Monitor. The five deadliest of these incidents alone, in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somali, Niger, and Iraq, killed at least 577 people. In all, 53 countries either expended efforts in battling extremism, or suffered violence from it.

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In June, our data showed:

• Twenty-eight countries were targeted by violent extremism, resulting in 4,917 fatalities including 1,256 civilians, 887 security forces personnel, and 2,345 extremists. Extremist groups took at least 279 hostages.

• Jihadi violence surged during Ramadan: violent extremist incidents were up 11 per cent on May, and there was a 30 percent jump in deaths on the previous month.

• Significant steps were taken to focus on online extremism worldwide, an indication that this has become a priority for governments.

• Incidents of violent extremism in the Middle East and North Africa accounted for 52 per cent of the global total. Despite this drop, the proportion of civilian deaths from violent extremism in the region reached 63 per cent in June.

• Twenty-nine per cent of all violent extremist incidents occurred in sub-Saharan Africa and the region accounted for 30 per cent of all deaths.

ISIS-inspired attacks in both Europe and North America, notably a shooting in an LGBT nightclub in Florida that killed 49, along with the shooter, and attacks in France and Russia. Another notable attack in the month was a triple suicide bombing at an airport in Istanbul that killed 44, along with three attackers.

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