Global Extremism Quarterly: July to September 2016


Global Extremism Quarterly: July to September 2016

17 Nov 2016

At least 39 religious extremist groups instigated 662 violent incidents in 41 countries this quarter, according to the Global Extremism Monitor. 

Between July and September 2016, at least 39 religious extremist groups instigated 662 violent incidents in 41 countries. Driving much of this bloodshed was an Islamist extremist ideology that justifies the use of violent jihad to achieve its aims.

The Global Extremism Monitor tracks religious extremism, and state responses to it, worldwide, highlighting major trends and significant developments over a three-month period. Our data shows the international spread of religious extremist violence, which not only kills, but also shatters economic and social opportunities for millions.

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This quarter our data showed:
  • More than 2,436 civilians were killed in Iraq and Syria alone. Nearly a fifth of civilian deaths caused by state actions in Syria occurred in Aleppo during the week after the Russian and Syrian militaries launched an offensive.
  • Extremist groups also took at least 154 hostages, a decline from the 249 hostages taken in June.
  • Amid sectarian tensions between Sunni and Shia, and states battling jihadi groups worldwide, seven countries suffered more than 500 fatalities: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, and Libya.
  • More than 70 countries expended efforts in battling extremism, or suffered violence from it. 

Our data is collected from open source information in English. We consider it a low estimate, an indication of the scale of a global problem. The figures show, however, that more than 10,000 lives were lost to extremist violence, or the battle against it, in this quarter alone. Security measures are vital, but in order to deal with the threat, we must also defeat the destructive worldview that drives the violence.

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