Mapping the Current Situation in Iraq


Mapping the Current Situation in Iraq

01 Jul 2014

As well as ISIS declaring a Caliphate in Iraq, the Institute for the Study of War also notes the Iraq Security Forces (ISF) counter-offensive against ISIS in Tikrit.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) who provide an informed understanding of military affairs through reliable research, analysis and education are publishing frequent updates on the fast changing situation in Iraq. The updates also include day by day graphics, depicting where the major clashes and airstrikes are occurring and the positions of ISIS and the ISF. 

Key Findings
  • 30 June 2014: ISIS may be launching a renewed military offensive to take control of all urban centres in Anbar Province, beginning with Haditha and moving toward Ramadi. The Haditha Dam is a critical element of Iraq's infrastructure, which ISIS and other anti-government groups may use to obstruct ISF mobility in Anbar, much like the Fallujah Dam in April 2014. Meanwhile, ISIS is likely seeking to weaken ISF defences in Baghdad's southern belt to strengthen its presence there. However, the Iraqi government and Iraqi Shi'a militias have reinforced the area and will likely send further units to prevent ISIS infiltration.
  • 29 June 2014: ISIS declares a Caliphate, indicating that all Muslims should submit to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Caliph. Meanwhile, the ISF counter-offensive against ISIS in Tikrit continues, despite conflicting reports that either the ISF or ISIS now control the city. ISIS is also clashing with the Peshmerga in southern Kirkuk as well as other armed Sunni groups in northern Diyala, indicating that control of the Hamrin Ridge may be difficult for ISIS to maintain.
  • 28 June 2014: The ISF have launched two separate offensives against ISIS in Tikrit and Mosul. These offensives have the potential to challenge ISIS's full control of the cities, but they may also alienate the Sunni population to the detriment of Iraq's security over the longer term.
  • 27 June 2014: The Iraqi government is preparing defences for the Battle of Baghdad as Ramadan approaches. This effort is centred on securing areas near the Green Zone and the Baghdad belts.

You can read further situation reports and detail on the control of terrain in Iraq from the Institute for the Study of War here.

This article summarises an external report, and is not to be taken as the view of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. 


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